Studio Rules and Policies

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Soul 2 Sole Dance, Inc. provides a quality dance and performing arts program taught by top, well-trained instructors.
Its state-of-the-art location in Highland Park offers classes for children ages pre-school thru teens focusing on education in the art of dance and theater while building confidence and self-esteem.

Studio Rules:  [FOR STUDENTS]
All dancers must respect and obey their teacher’s instructions in the studio.
All dancers must show proper respect to fellow students.
No dancers should be in a studio without a teacher present, unless they have been given permission to enter.  This is necessary to
insure the safety of all dancers.
In an effort to maintain a positive, family atmosphere, appropriate behavior and language will be expected from all students, parents
teachers, and staff members.
All dancers must be on time for class — dressed in proper attire and ready to learn.  (Please refer to Class Attendance, Tardiness, and Illness) below.
All dancers MUST be dressed in the required shoes and dance attire for each class.  Please refer to the Dance Attire below for proper attire.
Please show the proper respect for your dance studio by placing empty cups, water bottles, wrappers, and other items in the garbage cans provided in the studio hallways.

Studio Rules:  [FOR PARENTS]
Please label your child’s belongings (shoes, bags, sweaters, coats, boots), etc.
Please make sure that all younger students have gone to the bathroom prior to class.
Please make sure that the studio has a valid parent email address when you register since the studio uses emails to be send important information and updates throughout the year [including statements and billing].
Please familiarize yourself with studio policies, dress codes, special events, important dates and closings, tuition, recital, and registration information.
Please drop off and pick up your child(ren) promptly at the end of their class(es). 

Class Attendance, Tardiness, and Illness:
Regular attendance
is vital to learning.  Please plan to arrive for class with adequate time to dress so that you will be in the studio  on time to start class.  Progress in class is dependent on participation and consistent attendance.
Tardiness:  If a student arrives more than 5 minutes after the start of class and they miss the warm-up and run the risk of injury due  to  improper stretching and other aspects of the warm-up.  As a result, a student arriving more than 10 minutes late may be asked to  observe  class rather than participate.  This policy is followed not as a punishment but for the safety of the student.  The student must  respect this decision and the ongoing class.
Illness:  Your child will not be allowed to attend classes if they have had ANY of the following:
Fever in the last 24 hours
Contagious/Infectious illness/ Missed classes may be made up, preferably within one month in a comparable class so long as the class is for the same grade and level  as the class that was missed.  Please call ahead and the front desk staff will schedule the makeup class so that we can inform the teacher  that you are planning to attend their class.  If you are unable to attend a class in the same discipline, you are welcome to make up a class in any other discipline (what a great opportunity to try a new class!!)  There will not NO refunds for missed classes.    


By mail— Fill out the enclosed registration form and mail it along with your payment to the appropriate studio.
Highland Park = 799 Central #250 60035

By fax— Fill out enclosed registration form and fax it with your credit card number to the appropriate studio.
Highland Park = 847.579-4668

By phone— Call the appropriate studio with your registration information and your credit card number.
Highland Park = 847.579-4660

In person— Stop by the appropriate studio with your registration information and payment.
Please remember, registration cannot be taken without payment in full. No refunds will be given two week prior to classes beginning.
There are no refunds given for cancelled or missed classes. Make up classes are allowed for any class missed due to scheduled studio closings, inclement weather, illness, or family/school functions. THIS POLICY WILL BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO. **payment plan available**ask for details **$15 fee charged per month tuition is not paid **

Billing Procedures

Session 1 – August 22nd thru November 20th, 2016
Payment is due in full with registration.  [Note: you have the option of  paying with our payment plan for an additonal fee of $21. Please let us know when you register if you are choosing this option].  Any account upaid after the 15th of the month will have a $15 late fee added to unpaid balance [payment plans excluded].

Session 2 – November 21st, 2016 thru March 5th, 2017
Current Students:  in mid-October, you will be emailed a statement of tuition due for Session 2, which is due no later than November 7th.  It is your responsibility to read your statement and follow its instructions.
New Students:  please refer to guidelines explained in Session 1, above.

Session 3 – March 6, 2017 thru June 3rd, 2017
Current students:  in the beginning of February, you will be emailed a statement of tuition due for Session 3, which is due no later than February 17th, 2017




Placement and Levels (students must be the grade listed for class requirement as of the first day of dance session)

Class levels

Placement in class levels is based on many factors including a student’s mastery of material, strength, artistic development, commitment, maturity, and attendance as determined by their instructor and/or Artistic Director.  A student’s ability to properly execute the required material is mandatory before progressing to the next level.  It is not unusual for a student to remain in the same level for several years while improving their mastery of material and strength.
If you are a returning student please check your evaluation form given out at the end of spring session. To ensure the best development as a dancer, you will only be allowed to enroll in your required/recommended level.
If you are a beginner with no previous experience or a student with dance experience but looking to try a new dance form, enroll in a class that is age appropriate. Soul 2 Sole Dance, Inc. staff will place new students who have had previous study at other dance schools into the appropriate level. Please call the office before registering so that we may assist in your correct placement.

“FUN”damental (ages 4-6) Classes designed for FUN and mastery of the fundamentals in a specific dance discipline in which you are registering.  Level 1 — Classes are designed for dancers begining their journey in dance and for dancers who need to continue to build on  and reinforce the required dance skills needed to move to the next level.  Dancers may stay in the level for up to 4 years.
Level 2 — By director/teacher approval only. Up to 4 years previous experience in the specific discipline in which you are registering.
Level 3 — By director/teacher approval only. Up to 6 years previous experience in the specific discipline in which you are registering
Level 3 and above students must be registered in a minimum of two technique classes per week.
Level 4 — By director/teacher approval only. Up to 6 years previous experience in the specific discipline in which you are registering
Technique Only Classes — These classes are designed to improve technical ability and are NON-recital classes. Please follow age and level requirements when registering for these classes. (Ballet Technique, Turns and Progressions, Stretch and Strengthen, Hip Hop Progressions). Dance Company Class — Placement by week-long June audition only.

Class size

There are size limits for each class depending on the age of the students, the size of the studio, and the type of class. These limits are strictly enforced to ensure the quality of your dance education. A waiting list will be started for any class that has reached its capacity. Soul 2 Sole Dance, Inc. reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment. Class size must be at least five students. If a class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment and an alternative class cannot be found, a full refund will be issued.


Soul 2 Sole Dance, Inc. reserves the right to substitute qualified staff, whenever necessary, to ensure the success of a class. Refunds are not granted for staffing changes.

Dress Code

APPROPRIATE DANCE ATTIRE (SEE BELOW) NEEDED TO ATTEND CLASS WILL BE SOLD AT BOTH STUDIOS. Soul 2 Sole Dance, Inc.’s dress code is designed for uniformity and efficiency. Instructors need to be able to see and adjust the lines of the body. Students must be prepared for each class with the correct dancewear and hair accessories. Anyone not wearing the appropriate attire will be unable to participate in class, but may sit and observe class. No street shoes that have been worn outside will be allowed in any dance room. This rule pertains to both students and parents.

PRE-SCHOOL — any color or style of dance wear or moveable clothing. No street clothes or shoes may be worn. Ballet skirts, shorts, or pants are allowed, but no formal costumes. Hair must be off face. Ballet,  jazz, or hip hop shoes are required.

BALLET — solid black leotard and pink tights must be worn to every class. Hair must be worn in a bun. No tee shirts, cover-ups, skirts, or sweats may be worn. No jewelry, bracelets, rings, watches, or distracting hair accessories. Pink ballet shoes must be worn to every class.

JAZZ/LYRICAL/POMS — Form fitting clothing must be worn to every class. Tank tops, half tops, leggings, jazz pants/shorts in any color are acceptable. No tee-shirts, sweats, or baggy clothing may be worn. Hair must be worn off of face in a ponytail. No jewelry, bracelets, rings, or watches. Jazz shoes must be worn to every class.

HIP HOP/TAP — Moveable clothing must be worn to every class. Students may express their individual style and may wear less form-fitting clothing T-shirts, sweats, and hats are acceptable. No jeans, skirts, or shorts. Hair must be secured away from face. No jewelry. Jazz shoes or Hip-hop sneakers must be worn to every Hip Hop class. Tap shoes must be worn to every Tap class.

Food and drink

ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK INCLUDING WATER will be allowed inside any of the dance rooms. This rule pertains to both students and parents. No gum chewing. Snacks and drinks may be purchased from our vending machines but are allowed in designated areas only.

Attendance and Absences

Students are expected to attend class and arrive on time. Progress in class is dependent on regular and consistent attendance and participation. Because of the disruption to class and the importance of the initial warm-up exercises, students entering class more than 5 minutes late may be asked to observe rather than participate in class. Make up classes are available for any class missed due to scheduled studio closings, illness, or family/school functions. You may participate in any similar class during the current term that is not at capacity enrollment. Please notify the appropriate studio that you need to schedule a make up class.


To discuss your child’s progress, or to answer any questions you may have, we recommend you make an appointment with their teacher. Parents should feel free to call either studio and request a return call or an appointment if their child loses interest in dance, or seems unhappy with the class. Most times a change in teacher or subject can make dance new and exciting again.