The studios’ professional sprung floors are well known to significantly reduce the risk of overuse injuries in the lower extremity and spine that are commonly seen in serious and novice dancers. Prevention of these injuries in a young growing athlete not only impacts joint health as an adult; it could substantially impact a potential dancing career.  This facility is state of the art, topped only by the quality of the instructors here. Simply put, Soul2Sole offers a superior package.”
Tari S. Reinke, D.C.
Associate Professor, Senior Staff Clinician
National University of Health Sciences

My daughter had tryouts for dance placement at Stevenson High School .  100 girls tried out and only 8 made the highest level.  She was one of the 8!  After the tryout, she told me that she never could have done so well without the training at Soul 2 Sole.  Not only did she feel confident in her abilities but she also knew how to audition and dance with pride and confidence.  I’ve obviously noticed a dramatic leap in her dancing ability and technique but more than that, I’ve watched her confidence and faith in herself grow as well.
L. Kaplin

“Soul 2 Sole Dance Studio changed my daughters and boosted their confidence in their abilities to dance.  Whether you want a strong emphasis in dance or in becoming a ‘triple threat’ in dance, theater, and the performing arts — Soul 2 Sole Dance will help you get there.  There are a variety of classes that can shape your ability as a dancer in whatever area you want.  Both my daughters had wonderful experiences with their instructors, who took the time to educate and enhance their skills.  One of my daughters had a terrible experience at a difference dance studio at a young age and was terrified to take class again.  When I finally opened her mind to trying dance again, she fell in love with Soul 2 Sole Dance.  The instructors took the time to understand her needs as a student and, instead of punishing her for them, they taught her to the best of her capability.  As her skills have improving her confidence has been soaringIt’s so rewarding as a  parent to see my kids smiling and proud of themselves.  Dancers at Soul 2 Sole Dance are happy, talented, well-rounded performers who keep improving every time the go to class.
N. Dukatt

“Soul 2 Sole Dance Company has been a wonderful experience for both of my daughters.  It’s our 6th year with Soul 2 Sole Dance, Inc. and they have taken a wide range of classes at each location all the way from preschool to dance company.  The teachers are true professionals and bring so much expertise to each of their classes, striking a balance between challenging and encouraging them at the same time.  The recital is always impressive as the choreography is exceptional.  My girls have not only grown as dancers, but as young ladies.”
S. Sondag

“Soul 2 Sole has been our dance studio of choice for the past 9 years.  The level of instruction, variety of classes and expert instructors makes Soul 2 Sole Dance the premier dance studio on the North Shore. The instructors and administrators care a great deal and put their all into developing the children, not only on a physical  level, but by building high self esteem.  This carries into everything that they do.  Even after a long day of school and homework, my daughter comes home from dance at 10 o’clock at night still smiling!  I would highly recommend the studio for whatever type of dance your child enjoys.”
 J. Coplan

My daughter has been dancing at Soul 2 Sole Dance since preschool and she is now 11 years old. Soul 2 Sole Dance offers enough classes at different levels with highly skilled teachers to make any child improve.  Soul 2 Sole Dance builds confidence and long-lasting friendships.  There is nothing better than the smiles you see on the students after they finish their classes.  I have been impressed with Soul 2 Sole Dance’s dedication to keep improving.  There is not a better studio in the Chicagoland area.”
M. Abt

“Soul 2 Sole Dance studio has provided an incredibly positive and enriching experience for my kids from the past 9 years and counting.  The amazing instruction both at the recreational and competitive level and the friendly administration puts the studio in a class of its own.
Forever grateful,
K. Horberg