Boys Hip Hop, Breakdancing


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Our Boys Only classes offer a creative, athletic experience while developing coordination, dance and motor skills, and rhythm through movement and music.  Classes promote fitness and positive self-esteem, as well as building confidence to perform.  All classes consist of only age appropriate movements and isolations.  No previous dance experience is required.

Boys Only Hip Hop classes are a basic introduction to the urban street styles of Pop N’ Lock and Breakdancing.  Warm-ups consist of teaching isolations of neck, shoulders, ribs, and hips as well as basic stretches to increase flexibility.  Since Pop N’ Lock revolves around the ability to move one part of the body and not the other, isolations will be a main focus of technique development for proper mastery.  Steps will be taught progressively as students exhibit the proper technical ability and muscle strength. 

Choreography will be taught to develop team work, teach spatial awareness through formations, and help build memorization skills.

Soul2Sole Dance offers opportunities to become a member of the awesome Phenom Boys only Competition Teams!