You & Me, Pre-K, Kindergarten

You and Me, Preschool, Kindergarten

All preschool classes are designed to instill in our students a love for the magical world of dance, tumbling, yoga, art and theater by capturing their natural enthusiasm for music, movement and creative play. As our students grow and mature, our classes are designed to transition into greater knowledge and skill in dance and the arts — building grace, self-confidence, discipline and poise. 

Welcome additions to our 2018 expanded schedule.    We want your little ones to work with our highly-trained, caring and nurturing instructors as they begin their journey in dance.   All You and Me, Preschool and Kindergarten classes are based on creative movement so that your child’s introduction to dance is cheerful and fun. Children learn proper studio etiquette and behavior, while never losing sight of the joy and fun of dancing. brings. Classes are limited in size, however, a waiting list is available for any class currently filled.

All classes participate in spring recital unless otherwise stated. The recital requires a costume purchase. Participation in recital is optional.

You and Me Classes ages 1.5-2.5 years

Ballet For little ones who can’t wait to be part of the wonderful world of ballet! This class includes participation from Mom, Dad or another loved one who is just a hug away. We will introduce Music, movement and balance in a positive and creative way. Your young dancer will tip toe away loving Ballet class in such a special way!

Boogie Beats This exciting new class for boys and girls alike will allow your youngster to run and jump, kick and roll to their favorite songs. We will introduce rhythm, balance and coordination in a fun and friendly manner that will encourage children to explore the space and learn to love Dance!

You and Me Yoga This playful you and me yoga class is the perfect way to introduce your child to the joys of yoga. Breathe, stretch and sing while learning animated breathing techniques and playful yoga poses. Bring your own mat, or borrow one of ours,

Drop-off classes ages 2.5-3.5 years
Fairy Tale Ballet and Ballet Divas  – Explore both the creative and physical dimensions of dance while gaining awareness of music, rhythm, and movement. Classes are designed to develop strength, coordination, and creative thinking. A great start to build self-confidence, musicality, and large motor skills. (Ballet shoes required.)

Beat Boxers – Calling all BOYS to the stage! Does your child love to roll, jump and slide around the house? We have the perfect class for you! Introducing our Beat Boxers exercise dance class. From the hottest tunes on the radio to the latest craze on the dance floor — we’ll do it all and have a BLAST.

Dance Party –  A fun introduction into movement through dance.  Learn the beginning steps of hip hop and creative movement.  Classes are designed to build self-confidence, coordination and socialization skills.

Kiddy Groove Bop and Hop – An introduction hip hop. Props and current music are used to create an upbeat and energetic atmosphere. Gross motor skills and flexibility are improved in this dance and exercise class. Basic technique and terminology is introduced to build a foundation for future learning.  Class taught to fun, age-appropriate music.  (Jazz shoes required.)

Petite Poms – little ones can shake it up, too! This class helps develop coordination, rhythm, spatial awareness and communication skills through music and dance.

Hot Tot Yoga Your child will begin his/her yogic journey with animated breathing techniques and playful yoga poses. Through stories and song, children will become more mindful of themselves, others, and their surroundings. Throughout this yoga session, children will be invited to learn about strength, gratitude, and self expression through movement. Bring your own mat, or borrow one of ours.

Drop-off classes– Ages 3.5-4.5 and Pre-K-K
ABCDance In this new Enrichment focused dance class, your dancer will explore a different theme every week through story, song, games, activities and more! Dancers will not only study a variety of dance styles but will strengthen not only themselves physically and mentall but continue to grow friendships to last a lifetime. On your mark, get set, LEARN!

Ballet/Tap This is the most popular combo dance class out there! Your child will learn classical Ballety techniques of positions for the feet and arms through music and song, while growing a fondness for the World’s most classic Ballets. We will then switch gears and click clack our way to Tap the day away! This class is a great introductory to rhythm, tempo and musicality of Tap basics.

Ballet Divas– Does your ballerina love to twirl, leap and shine on the stage? Then come join our Ballet Divas in training! We will work on classical ballet technique while learning all about famous Ballets from around the World. Your dancer will stand strong with poise and grace, knowing she is now a Ballet Diva!

Beat Boxers Calling all BOYS to the stage! Does your child love to roll, jump and slide around the house? We have the perfect class for you! Introducing our Beat Boxers exercise dance class. From the hottest tunes on the radio to the craze on the dance floor we’ll do it all and have a BLAST.

Dance Masters In this class, your dancer will learn a variety of dance styles, including Ballet, Jazz, Poms, Hip Hop and Tap. We will switch off weeks for the ultimate exposure and build on each style as we go along. By the end of the session, your child will become the ultimate Master of Dance!

Skyline Studios Chicago:  Introduce your child to the magical world of musical theater.  Jump into a storybook and into character!  We will read and act out stories using minimal props and unlimited imagination!  Each week features games, costumes, and fun based around a different theme.  This class helps your child become more confident in their personal and daily social skills while fostering creativity, self-expression and teamwork.

Skyline Studios Chicago:  Broadway Juniors / Broadway Stars Annie Jr.:    Join Skyline Studios and Soul2Sole Dance to find a way down Easy Street!! Lights, Camera, Action on Annie.  Become part of this exciting show, create an ensemble cast and shine like a pro!

Skyline Studios Chicago:  Broadway Tots:  Tots begin their adventure in musical theatre and work together to perform.  Act, sing, and dance to well-known Annie songs while learning basic performance skills.